Coconut Information

How our Centrifuged coconut oil is made:

Our Centrifuged coconut oil made is made from fresh coconuts opened within 48 hours of being picked from the trees.

They first shell the coconuts and  then chopped the flesh placing it in an expeller press. The temperatures of the coconut flesh and the resulting coconut milk emulsion does not exceed 25 degrees C or 78.8 degrees F (room temperature). This milk takes less than 45 minutes once the coconut is shelled to produce. The coconut milk emulsion is then chilled slightly to 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) so that the oil will pull out of solution and solidify. Next the cooled emulsion, by use of a large centrifuge, has the water “spun” out of the oil.   This method of extraction requires no heat at all

How We tested the oils:

In performing a blind-folded taste test on each other, Ken and I sampled 17 different samples of virgin coconut oil . We initially had sold the Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil, then we sold the South Pacific Virgin Coconut Oil and we were considering the Centrifuged Coconut Oil. We wanted to know in a blindfolded study which one would come out the best. This virgin coconut oil is creamy and the smooth. It has a very mild taste. Consistently, this oil rated number one every time it was tasted. The Philippine oil now rivals it .   As a matter of fact, I believe that the only way to tell the two oils apart is their texture when they are a solid.

Comparing the oils:

The Philippine and Indian coconut oils melt in your mouth with a nice mild coconut flavor. Both of them have very low moisture content and a very long shelf life. Some people would not be able to tell a difference between any of these oils. But those that eat coconut oil raw, with very discriminating taste buds, should notice a slight difference.

Here is a summary for you to help you in choosing which oil to purchase:

  • Heat is not an issue in either of the oils.  Neither is heated during ant of the processes.
  • If vitality or “life force” are important to you people   who check this on oils find the Philippine oil to rate the highest of all virgin coconut oils. Many have tested oils from all over the world.
  • If trace minerals are important, the amount of trace minerals appears to be the highest in the Philippine oil.
  • If taste is the most important to you, and especially if you use the coconut oil raw a lot, you will probably want the Centrifuged Oil.  Though the Philippine Oil is very nice and rivals the Centrifuged Oil, the Centrifuged.
  • Coconut oil is so pure, and so nice it is probably the best. This is at least what some of our most discriminating customers tell us.
  • If price is the most important to you. you will want the Philippine oil. This oil costs us less, and we pass that savings on to you.

We recommend Wilderness Family Naturals products because of their integrity and quality. However, other online retailers and natural food stores may also carry similar goods. Whenever, possible we have tried to give you information on how to recognize superior products. Wilderness Family Naturals products can be found at: or by calling (800) 945-3801.