Why Eat Cultured Foods?

Cultured foods have become an important part of our diet: They are of immense benefit to aid in digestion, are much better than probiotics for repopulating the digestive tract, they are delicious …and economical!

We have seen excellent results in helping people with them!

Most people in America who visit alternative healthcare practitioners for a live cell analysis, find undigested protein. The typical recommendation includes digestive enzymes.  Do most people in the U.S. really need digestive enzymes?

I do not believe that digestive enzymes are always the answer.  The poor digestion that most people experience comes from a polluted, caked digestive tract: Rather than normal flora (friendly bacteria) there are pathogenic bacteria, candida, and parasites present in abundance.

At one time, my husband took digestive enzymes, and yet still felt he was not getting all that he should out of his food.  It was not until we received live cell analyses that clearly demonstrated we had undigested proteins (and some of those pathogenic critters hanging on), that we realized that there must be more effective ways to enhance our digrestive processes and clease our systems: We have employed parasite cleanses with herbs and with coconut oil, for several years now.

Through research on the internet, seminars, reading books, and talking with others, we have come to believe the missing link was cleansing our digestive tracts and then repopulating them with good bacteria. Do you know that when I ask a live cell analyst how many people they see have parasites, they usually say something like 97%! And when I talk with people who have had alternative practitioners test them, the only ones who have been parasite free are the ones who have done lots and lots of colon cleansing? It seems the key is making your body a place that is not parasite-friendly.

Alkalinizing the body, cleansing the colon, and replenishing the digestive tract seem to be the three main activities a person needs to do. Coconut oil, herbs, psyllium seed, bentonite clay, all help to cleanse and get rid of parasites and bacteria. Green foods, coral calcium, Willard water, Microhydrin, and many other products can help you to alkalinize. Simply eating a diet rich in vegetables and raw fruits (about 80% of the diet), and eating  20% or less of acid forming foods, will alkalinize the body of a relatively healthy individual. Kefir and cultured vegetables help to repopulate the digestive tract, enable the body to be more alkaline, and greatly decrease craving for sweets or desserts.

I was recently at a university, speaking with a professor in their food science department. He told me of another professor – originally from India – who held several patents on (and had done considerable research in the area of) cultured foods, and informed me of the substantial body of research and supportive data which demonstrated that health and longevity where significantly improved by a diet rich in substanaces like kefir and cultured veggies.