How to Make Suppositories

These suppositories are made with coconut oil or glycerine. They melt fairly quickly upon contact with body temperature, and are readily absorbed by the body, to soothe and heal or arrest infection.

After they are made, they should be stored in the refrigerator.

Following these instructions, you will find two example recipes for different types of suppositories: Vaginal suppositories may be used to arrest yeast infections, and rectal suppositories for hemorrhoid control.

Once you understand the basics, there are no limits to the combinations you may use for your particular needs!

Be careful, however: A garlic enema, for example, will cause a person’s breath to smell like garlic within five minutes, as a consequence of the tremendous water absorption that takes place in the large intestine!

People use to give children Tylenol® suppositories to bring fevers down: If you have a very sick person who cannot keep food down, or is unable to digest it well, preparing a suppository may be your best alternative.

To make suppositories:

You will need to use powdered herbs, or grind them into a fine powder yourself.

Place about 1 cup of coconut oil into a sauce pan and melt over low heat (if you are making a glycerine suppository you will not need to do this).

Remove from the heat, and add all the powdered herbs: Use enough herbs to make a thick paste.

Now, add the other liquid ingredients – such as tea-tree oil, or grapefruit seed extract..

As the dried herbs absorb the oil, this mixture will thicken. Once it is the right consistency, roll the herbs out into ” Tootsie Rolls® ” about the size of your small finger.

Vaginal Suppositories for yeast infections:

Use 1 cup coconut oil, 3 parts slippery elm bark, 1 part black walnut hull powder, 1 part finely ground myrrh gum, 1 part pau ‘d arco bark powder, and 1/2 powdered goldenseal root, as well as a few crops of tea tree oil and you might want to add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract as well.

For Hemorrhoids try this:

2 parts powdered hemlock bark, 1 part goldenseal root powder, 1 part slippery elm bark, 1 part white oak bark, 1 part bayberry bark. Mix with vegetable glycerine until stiff and ready to form into suppositories. These are best most effective when inserted at night.

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