Herbs as Medicine

Herb Information Index

Herbs are traditionally accepted in many cultures as the solution to many sicknesses and diseases.  The idea that herbal medicines combined with nutritious foods  supplying homeopathic health is not new or experimental.  Millions of people throughout history have used herbs to help them with body pH, digestive tract issues, parasites, colic in babies, energy, and cleansing.  Many more are using herbal remedies to fight  cancer,diabetes, heart disease, and hypothyroidism. 

While not meant to replace a doctor’s care, our goal at Regaining Health Naturally is to provide quality information on hundreds of herbs, the herbal influence on the body, and help you understand the nutritional value of each herbal remedy.   Further, we provide herbal recipes and guidelines for proper herb usage. Regaining Health Naturally provides this information to help our visitors gain the spiritual information necessary to make informed, intelligence decisions about their health and nutrition while helping to avoid sicknesses and diseases.

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