Colon Cleansing

Why Clean the Colon?

Believe it or not, the colon seems to be where most, if not all, sickness begins.  What?? Yes, I know I sound “looney”, and I know this does not make sense to a physician, but it is one of the “king pins,” a foundational root cause, of all sickness and disease.

Cleansing the colon is probably a must for all Americans. There are many cleansing products available in America today. The most common, and probably the easiest way to atleast begin this process is by greatly increasing fiber intake.

Many grains contain fiber. Unfortunately gluten and other components of grains also can become like glue in the intestines. In addition, many people with intestinal problems develope allergies and/or have problems digesting many grains. White flour is almost solely starch, gluten, and some protein. There is absolutely no fiber at all and very few nutrients. When white flour is added to white sugar you have a nutrient depleted product that is foundational to “gumming up” the digestive tract.

Vegetables and fruits contain fiber. Unfortunately many people have candida or other pathogens in their systems and are instructed to stay away from fruits. And most people can not get enough fiber if they are solely relying on vegetables. These foods are very important to a persons health, but they are often not a complete answer to cleansing the digestive tract.

Psyllium seed husks are a common supplement recommended for people who need to add fiber to their diet. Unfortunately, psyllium husks absorb a great deal of water – up to 40 times their original volume. People with sluggish bowels often find psyllium husks “stop them up.” In the end they have even worse problems than they did before adding the fiber to their diet. Since water is continually being absorbed out of the intestines and back into the body and since psyllium husks absorb lots of water, if they move through the system too slowly and that water is taken back they will turn to “concrete”. Other soluable fibers from grains can also do this to a person who have bowel movement problems. Most fiber sources in the american diet contain predominantly water soluble fiber.

Coconut Flour is a good source of dietary fiber that is predominantly not water soluble. It contains 14%coconut oil and 58% total dietary fiber. Of It is made from fresh coconut meat. Coconut flour is a natural high quality ingredient used as an excellent source of dietary fiber.

There are so many products, what should I do?

You are right about that.  Every naturopath and nutritional counselor as well as every supplement manufacturer has their product to put you on.  Everybody has their own idea of what to use to cleanse.  But it should not be that complicated.  It should be simple.

How do I cleanse my colon?

There are basically 3 things you want to accomplish.  There may be many products out there that will accomplish these goals.  All you have to do is keep in mind what you are wanting to do and you will be able to easily decide how you want to do it.

  1. You want to clean out any old fecal material that has become deposited along the walls of your colon. 

    I know it sounds nasty, but the cells that line your intestines secrete a mucosal lining.  This mucosal lining can mix with fecal material and turn into a rubbery substance that “coats” the walls.  If this occurs the fecal material that does move through the digestive tract moves through the middle. This creates a hollow “tube” made of rubbery old stuff.  Unfortunately, this makes fecal movement more sluggish, and the person loses “muscle” tone.

    Another complication is that the body now has a great “toxic” place for pathogenic organisms to live.  They just love that area between the cells that line the digestive tract and that rubbery old “fecal tire” that sticks to it.  This “breeding ground” promotes pathogens and is the root cause of poor absorption of minerals and vitamins, poor elimination of toxins by the body, Crohn’s Disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut and a host of other problems.  You see, this “lining” of old fecal material blocks toxins from being eliminated by the body.  These toxins, as they are excreted through the walls of the large intestine can actually bounce back into the body and be reabsorbed.  Cleansing the colon of old fecal material is the first step in regaining health.  High fibrous things are usually used for this purpose, chief of which is psyllium seed husks.

  2. Once the old fecal material is gone, you need to absorb toxins as they are dumped into the intestinal tract.

    This will insure that none of them are being reabsorbed back into the body.  Clays are often used for this purpose.

  3. You need to eliminate pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, and yeasts, and replace them with good “pro-biotic” organisms that will help you digest your food and keep the pathogens away.

    Pathogens living in your body zap your nourishment and your energy.  In return they leave all their metabolic waste products for you to deal with.  They irritate the lining of the digestive tract, they cause bleeding, ulcers, inflammation, etc.  You need to clean them out and get good organisms that will help you to maintain a healthy body.

Note: You are now reading my ideas only.  I am not a doctor, just a friend who researches and meditates on things.  I am throwing out my ideas for you to think about.  Your health is yours, your body is yours.  You need to research everything and make your own decisions as to what you think the best things are for you to do.  Please check out everything I say.  Make your own decisions.

My recommendations?

  1. Purchase a Psyllium/Bentonite BlendPsyllium alone will cleanse the old fecal material, but with a highly inflamed intestinal tract, it can be too irritating.  The bentonite softens the scrubbing action, and as the old fecal material is lifted, the bentonite is there to absorb any toxins that are behind it.
  2. Make good probiotic foods.

    Yes, you can take probiotic capsules, but the number of organisms you get and their ability to inhabit your digestive tract will not be as good as if you eat probiotic food.  In a capsule the organisms are is a dormant state; they are hibernating.  They have to go through the stomach acids and enter into a polluted environment to begin living.  But probiotic capsules do have their place.  I recommend using them as a supplement, when you do not have access to probiotic foods, or as an additional way to increase healthy flora numbers when you are regularly consuming probiotic food.  They are convenient and are very portable.

    Probiotic food is the ideal way to get healthy organisms into your body, and it is less expensive to use than probiotic capsules.  When you eat a probiotic food, the organisms begin their existence in your body as already “awake” living, rapidly dividing organisms that are already thriving in their current environment.  They come into your body (along with media that they have been living in) and “hit the ground running” so to speak.  Most people see superior results using living probiotic food versus using probiotic capsules.

    The importance of cultured foods is widely recognized: The living foods that I recommend making are (with either raw milk or coconut water), cultured vegetables, and yogurt.

Do I need to do cleanses very often?

There are people who live to be well over 100 years old, with little sickness and they never do colon cleansing.  Yes, there are people out there who say you need to colon cleanse every 3 months, or once a year, or whatever.

I personally did colon cleansing yearly for several years. What I learned and what I see in others, is if you have good flora you will not get a buildup of old fecal material again.  It just doesn’t happen.  I believe the presence of bad flora and the absence of good flora, coupled with a diet filled with processed, nutrient-poor food is the root cause of all colon problems.  People today who live to be over 100 years old regularly eat food with good flora/probiotics.  They do not eat processed food.  They have pure water and air, etc.

If you are not eating pizza, sodas, and hamburger helper meals (highly processed foods), then there is a good chance that probiotic foods and whole foods will keep you from having to do any more cleansing.

If you continue to eat processed foods, eat at restaurants, etc., and do not include probiotic foods, then yes you will need to periodically do colon cleansing.

How long do I need to take probiotics?

Because of all the preservatives in our diet, because it is almost impossible to make everything from scratch, because our environment is so polluted, and because we are constantly bombarded with pathogens, you will always need to include probiotic foods in your diet.  If you take them out, depending on your diet, you will notice an effect within six months to a year.  In a purer, different world this might not be so.  But even with the traditional people groups that have good longevity, they have probiotic foods as a regular part of their diet.