Heart Disease

What Americans need to know about Heart Disease

Heart disease only existed as a very old man’s disease at the beginning of the 1900’s. At that time people in America has eggs and meat for breakfast, meat at every meal, ate from their gardens during the summer, and they took something for parasites on a regular basis.

Today, there are lots of people eating a high carb, low fat diet, today we have lots of fat free foods to choose from. These types of foods did not exist in 1905. If people use any fats for cooking make sure it is unsaturated fat. These types of fats were not used 100 years ago, however.

It is interesting to note, that the life expectance back then was exactly the same as it is now, however, this is because many children died either in childhood. There was more of a problem with communicable diseases then and they did not know about micro-organisms as we do today. But if the children made it into adulthood then there life expectancy was actually higher than it is today.

So why is this so? Obviously we have been given information that is false. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. For the first time in over 50 years it will soon be edged out of its highly talked about position by cancer. Recent studies show that by the year 2010 Cancer will be the number one killer followed closely by heart disease. In Minnesota this year this has already happened.

A look back over the last hundred years

In 1900 heart disease as we see it today did not exist. In 1910 America developed a method for hydrogenating vegetable oils. Until that time the oils used in this country were lard, tallow, coconut oil, palm oil, butter and some olive oil. In 1920 the first medical doctor positively identifies heart disease as a new disease and wrote up what the disease is characterized by. In the year 1921, in England there were 21 deaths for every million deaths due to heart disease. These numbers slowly increased. America went into a depression and then World Word II. Coupled with the economic climate in America and Soybean oil financed research, the soybean oil industry took over the margarine market. Earlier margarine was made from tallow, lard coconut oil and palm oil. Now it was made from partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Very quickly, heart disease began to rise and by 1950 it was the number one killer. Most people do not realize how inundated our food supply is with partially hydrogenated oils. For example, you can not purchase any cold cereal, crackers or cookies at the grocery store unless they have a health food isle that do not contain partially hydrogenated oil. Most restaurants use partially hydrogenated oils. What about all those studies that were done concerning saturated fat being bad for you and unsaturated fats being good for you? Well, it was not until the 1990’s that people who revisited those studies discovered that the saturated fats used in those studies were all partially hydrogenated oils. As a matter of fact, where ever traditional fats were used they could not get the same results.

It has just been this last year that the NIH has finally concluded that no amount of trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils) is healthy and by the year 2006 it will be required for all companies to state how many trans fats are found in their product on their labels.

In the 1960’s a medical doctor named Schultz, well known in England, the US and England worked with heart patients achieving better results than his counter parts who were performing open heart surgery by using anti oxidant vitamins. All of his colleagues shunned him. Experts all say that plaque in the arteries seems to have its root in lesions in the arterial walls of the coronary arteries, yet they do not seem to be putting things together. Most people who treat patients are looking for drugs or supplements. Most do not go to the actual root causes. Many people seem to have a portion of the puzzle. Though I do not have all the pieces, I have been able to put some things together. In my experience, reading, and conversations with others I have come to some conclusions on my own. I would like to now share with you some of those conclusions. Please note that I am not a doctor, merely a friend that is sharing her ideas.

All experts agree that there are lesions that begin the precipitation of plaque in the arteries. Not all of them agree on why these lesions occur. During the Korean war many soldiers that died were examined for atherosclerosis and it was discovered that even men 18-20 years old had on the average 20% of their arteries blocked by plaque. These were healthy athletic American soldiers. Some concluded that this plaque buildup is just a normal phenomenon. Many were puzzled by this. But at least all of them realized that heart disease does not just happen over night. Instead it is a steadily progressive condition that begins fairly early in a persons life.

I believe these lesions occur from a combination of things. One of my first eye opening experiences was will live blood analysis. I use to work as a Medical Technologist. These are the employees of a hospital who take blood and analyze it. There were things I saw in blood smears that I had been trained to disregard as artifacts like fibers from clothing or dust. Yet I immediately recognized them when I watched live blood analysis being done and realized. Maybe you have heard of “leaky gut syndrome” but what seems to happen is the lining of the colon becomes disrupted by pathogens and fecal material along with bacteria and parasites enters the blood. The more gut problems, the worse the garbage in the blood stream. I have done thousands and thousands of blood smears in doctors offices and hospitals. They miss this and call it garbage, when it is very significant.

Okay, imagine, if you will, for a moment the hearts strong beating. 70-90 times a minute that muscle contracts pushing volumes of blood to the rest of your body. There are a few major arteries feeding this muscle. It requires quite a bit of energy to keep going. So blood is gushing through those arteries. What do you thing happens when leaky gut garbage gushes through those arteries? I believe it is like sandpaper. If you could look at the material in the blood that is coming from the gut you would agree with me. And there are bacteria too. They love lesions to latch on to.

Now, these lesions are not nearly as likely to occur if the person has a good supply of antioxidant vitamins. Vitamins like E and C help the arteries be more elastic. It the artery can “roll with the punches” the damage is not nearly so severe. A well nourished body is also a healthier body and usually there is much less leaky gut symptoms as well.

Some practitioners work solely with treating patients with good nutrition and high amounts of antioxidants. Some practitioners treat their patients with colon cleansing. I believe the most effective way to handle this in using both philosophies.

The effects of diabetes

80% of diabetics die from heart disease. They die from heart disease because that usually gets them before complications from the diabetes do. Type II Diabetes is a disease that occurs because the insulin (an enzyme made by the pancreas) can not do it’s job. For some reason the insulin can not bind to membrane sights and get the glucose into the cell. Things like alpha-feto protein help with this. The reason they help is they help the body to deal with and get rid of toxins. Herbal teas like Hyssop also help a great deal. It appears they help to purge impurities out of the tissues and increase movement in the bowls. A sluggish bowel tract is a major cause for toxins not getting purged and actually accumulating in the body. Low amounts of water intake, the body not receiving all the nutrients it needs also contribute. Usually this results in an under active thyroid gland and consequently all systems of the body do not work at top speed.

A type II diabetic usually have very high levels of insulin. The medical systems answer is to just keep increasing the insulin levels in the body and if you have enough you will be able to get some handle the glucose in the system. But the cell puts of defenses if it is being bombarded, and some how all that insulin weakens the body even more. More plaque is formed and heart disease progresses much faster when insulin levels are high.

Cleansing the body of toxins will make it so the body is stronger. It will help strengthen the immune system, help you to get fight off pathogens, and help you to not have insulin resistance. It is estimated that 80% of Americans have under active thyroids. About 97% of Americans have parasites. Digestive problems are rampant in America. Our food supply contains healthy foods that are hydroponically grown which lack many trace minerals and it is almost impossible to get our nutritional requirements from grocery store food anymore.

So what are the steps you should take?

Go back to traditional foods. Stop purchasing processed foods, fast foods, modern foods. Do not be afraid of traditional fats, Saturated fats are actually foundational to the building of cell membranes that function properly, metabolic function, brain and neurological function, the production of hormones, etc.

Do not be afraid of eggs, but try to get free ranged eggs. Do not be afraid of the fat in milk, but try to get raw milk if you can. Do not be afraid of coconut oil or palm oil, but try to get unrefined if you can. Do not be afraid of meat, but try to get grass fed home raised, if you can. Many of the foods that traditional people ate we have been told to take our of our diet. Diseases like macular degeneration have crept into our society now because of this. Do not be afraid to eat those traditional foods. Just be careful of the processed foods like the seed oils, white flour, white sugar, etc. Instead use the traditional oils, grind your own flour, use honey and maple syrup, etc. Yet these high carbohydrate foods should not be the largest portion of your diet. You need to be careful to not neglect good proteins and fats. And you need to have lots of healthy produce.

Be careful with the oils of the past 50 years. The soy, canola, and vegetable oils are not stable and they easily oxidize. These oxidized fats are actually free radicals and use up your anti-oxidant supply creating a hardening of the arteries and greatly contributing to heart disease. A perfect correlation has been shown between oxidized fat intake and heart disease. Saturated fats do not oxidize. This makes they the safest fat to eat. Partially hydrogenated fats are oxidized and not natural fats. Unsaturated fats are easily oxidized in the body and become dangerous molecules. Both partially hydrogenated oil and unsaturated oil are dangerous.

Partially hydrogenated oils:

  1. Use up anti-oxidant supplies
  2. When used in membranes they can oxidize creating a membrane that does not function properly
  3. They can even be cancer causing

Cleanse the body of toxins, parasites, etc. There are many ways to do this. There is fasting incorporated with herbal or psyllium based products. 3 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day can help to do this. There are herbal cleanses coupled with dietary changes. Many places have advice on this. The main thing you want to do is to get old fecal material out of the colon and to purge the cells and tissues of toxic metabolic wastes. In the process you want to get rid of any pathogens “hanging out” in your body.

Greatly increase the quality of your food. Try to “eat to live”, rather than “living to eat”. Eat things that will help your body. In this day and age, much of our produce is not nutrient rich, so I would suggest nutrient rich herbal teas be added to your diet or green foods. Most supplements can actually be toxic. They are made from extracted substances than may have at one time been natural, but I would caution you to be careful with suppliements.

Add cultured foods back into you diet. This could be homemade sauerkraut, kefir, cultured butter, sour cream, cultured fruit punches, yogurt, or whatever you like. Keep in mind you need a variety of organisms. For example, if you have a problem with Candida, as many, many Americans do, you need more than lactobacillus bacteria to get well. You will need friendly yeasts too. Many kefirs do contain friendly yeasts. Our Caucasus Kefir Capsules and our Kefir culture starter both contain friendly yeast and friendly bacteria. Good normal flora are a part of every health people group in the world and foundational for anyone who wants a long life. The good flora will help to eliminate pathogenic organisms and make it hard for them to return. They will help you to digest you food as you eat it and help you to get all the nourishment you food contains. They will help you to have more frequent bowel movements, to not have bad breath in the morning, and you will find, when you have a good eco system set up in side you body that your bowel movements have little or not smell to them. You will not burp often and you will not pass gas. You will notice a sense of well being and health that you did not realize you had lots.