Heavy Metal Detoxifying

The Problem

Toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium and lead, are associated with many serious diseases and health problems.

Cancer, heart disease, cardiovascular problems, birth defects, skin disorders, nervous system related numbness, and mental and neurological disorders represent only a few of the health problems associated with toxic heavy metal poisoning.

Heavy metal poisoning can result from eating contaminated foods, drinking coffee, smoking, and even breathing the air in a polluted city.  In fact there are a host of sources of toxic heavy metal poisoning.

The Sources

Aluminum – cookware, beverages in aluminum, cans, antacids, antiperspirants, bleached flour and processed cheese

Arsenic – beer, pesticides, cosmetics, tap water, fungicides, paint and table salt

Beryllium – plastics manufacturing, electronics, steel alloys and volcanic ash

Cadmium – tobacco, tap water, coffee, air pollution, seafood and auto exhaust

Lead – hair dyes, cigarette smoke, tap water, paint, auto exhaust, inks and glazes

Mercury – amalgam fillings, chlorine, seafood, fabric softener, adhesives, waxes, medications and air pollution

Copper – copper water pipes, birth control pills, swimming pools, intrauterine devices, nutritional supplements (especially prenatal vitamins)

Nickel – hydrogenated oils (margarine, commercial peanut butter and shortening)

The Solution

We recommend using Metal-X, which removes toxic heavy metals from your body.  Metal-X gently removes toxic heavy metals without the need for medical supervision.  Other detoxifiers may remove toxic heavy metals very rapidly and this can lead to serious secondary toxic heavy metal poisoning.

Unlike EDTA, Metal-X does not remove healthy essential metals and minerals.  Moreover, the ion exchanging humifulvate in Metal-X helps supplement essential minerals.

Clinical testing has demonstrated that Metal-X is as effective as EDTA after 30 days of use.

Detoxification (chelation) is typically accomplished with the chemical EDTA.  This treatment is usually administered intravenously at a cost of approximately $2000.00.  EDTA has serious side effects of its own.  These side effects can include kidney and bone marrow damage, a decrease in calcium levels and heart abnormalities.  Therefore, EDTA is usually administered under strict medical supervision.

Heavy Metals and Chelation

Heavy metals are known to have a toxic effect on the human body. They are many and diverse, and include: lea, cadmium, mercury and a host of other metals. They are present naturally, as part of the environment in which we live, and also as pollutants. All of these metals, and many more, have serious short and long-term negative health effects. Some of the health conditions in which they have been implicated are: cardiac disease, liver dysfunction, a compromised immune system and certain conditions of the nervous system.

Until now, the only way to get rid of heavy metals in the human body was through an intravenous (IV) treatment, called “chelation.” That treatment is accomplished by injecting the patient intravenously with a powerful chemical, EDTA, over a period of weeks until, in the opinion of the Health Care Practitioner, the heavy metal level has reduced. In some cases, the side effects of EDTA can be worse than the “cure”, sometimes leaving the patient with low blood pressure, dangerously low calcium blood levels, inability to make new blood cells (due to bone marrow damage), increased risk of abnormal bleeding or development of blood clots, seizures, allergic or immune system reactions, heart rhythm abnormalities and an unstable blood sugar level.

Intravenous EDTA will also cause “mineral stripping”, in which good minerals are removed along with heavy metals. This “mineral stripping” can itself lead to conditions in which the side effects can be worse than the cure. Until recently, there have been no alternatives to IV chelation. Now there is Metal-X™, a new and unique product comprising as the active ingredient Humifulvate™, to get rid of heavy metal toxicity, while maintaining the body’s level of the “good minerals”. Metal-X is the identical formula used in the very successful European studies.

Published Research on Humifulvate

Most of the studies surrounding Humet™, the source of Humifulvate, were conducted in Europe; some of these at the University of Budapest. Subjects in these studies, who had been exposed to toxic levels of lead, displayed marked reduction in lead bio-concentrations after taking the active ingredients in Metal-X. Additional studies on the effect of Metal-X’s active ingredients on occupationally caused cadmium bio-burdens, showed that the Metal-X ingredient not only reduced the level of cadmium found in the liver, but decreased the observed uptake of cadmium in the study subjects.

Prepared from a natural material found in a 10,000 year old deposit discovered around the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary, this compound is used in Europe to treat a wide variety of health problems related to heavy metal toxicity. Humet is imported exclusively by Life-Flo Health Care Products to provide superior chelation without the side effects of EDTA chelation therapy.

For more information, please click on these two research reports, which are in “pdf” format (and will open with Adobe Reader., free from Adobe’s website).

Humet – a 17 page report

Humifulvate – A Natural Active Ingredient – a 53 page report