Introduction to Parasites

Parasites?? Yes, Parasites!! 
Just the mention of this word can cause people to think you are a few cards short of a deck. Or at least they will think you must be from some third world country. Others will say they have known about these pests for years. My hope is, that both types of people you will glean something from reading about our experiences.20 years ago when I was in Medical Technology courses I had several courses in parasitology. One fact in those books that hit me as strange back then, and I have never forgotten is that they estimated way back then that approximately 75% of Americans had parasites. I have gone back to those books to make sure I was remembering right, and sure enough those words are still there. Recently I have read that they estimate it is 85%.

Twenty Five years ago I was a young college student taking classes a University in Texas. My love was medicine. I was working on a Medical Technology degree with medical school always at the back of my mind. I remember well one day, while in a parasitology course, reading “it is estimated 75% of Americans have parasites.”

This astounded me. From history I knew that most Americans were made up of the middle class citizens like myself. And most Americans were born on American soil. So it wasn’t just people in third world countries that had parasites? How could this be?

Recently I went back to that book to see if I remembered correctly. I thought maybe it had said 75% of all the people in the world rather than the US. Glory be, I still have the book, and it is still there, plain as day. And yes, I did remember correctly. This book is a university text book, written by MD’s who do not recognize parasites as a problem. And the medical system has a very hard time detecting parasites that are in the body. Yet, they still estimated 75%!!

Later, during my Medical Technology training I remember seeing “threads” from time to time in the blood smears. These objects looked like fibers, and were much larger than red or white cells. My instructor told me they were fibers from clothing. It was not uncommon to see these “fibers” in blood smears as I continued in my career as a Med Tech. Something about them always bothered me. Sometimes I would see really large “fibers”.

Several months ago I saw my first live cell analysis. It was done by a naturopath. I was astounded to discover that those “fibers” were parasites. At first I was skeptical. But after spending much time with this and having inspected all the equipment and slides, and the so called “parasites”, I am now convinced that the medical system does not recognize something that is foundational to peoples health.

A nutritional consultant I talked with a few months ago told me approximately 97% of the people he sees show parasites in their live cell analysis. Another naturopath I talked with agreed with his percentage. Wow!!! Why doesn’t the medical system do something about this?? Why don’t people do something?? Because they don’t know. And because many of them don’t believe. They think people who talk like this are quacks.


Four years ago I thought my husband had cancer. He did not want to get out of bed in the morning. He didn’t want to get up all day. He did not seem to have any energy. He had absolutely no patience. He was dizzy a lot of the time and his stomach seemed to always bother him. Daily he complained of not feeling good. This went on for months and months. He no longer reminded me of the man I had married. Those months of not feeling well turned into years and I new it couldn’t be the just the flu. Having worked in the medical system for years, and having had many experiences behind me, we began to search for someone in alternative medicine that could help us diagnose his problems, and help him get well. We did find an alternative place that would do some analysis for us. The only catch was that it would take 4-6 weeks to get results. I did not think we could wait for the results before we did something.

So once the sample was on its way, I began delving into books and trying to figure out what to do. One of the books I found was Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “A Cure For All Diseases”. Dr. Clark believes that the root off all illness begins with toxins that enter the body and parasites. Which comes first, the toxins or the parasites, she does not know. But she claims the two together working together are at the root of all sickness. We worked at reducing our toxins by replacing Ken’s mercury amalgam fillings and we used herbs that are helpful in cleansing We made Ezziac tea and Jungle Juice for him. And we did a major parasite cleanse. Our whole family did it. In her book Hulda Clark shows parasite eggs found in sperm, saliva, and breast milk. So if Ken had parasites, we all probably had parasites. And the only way to get him well, was for all of us to cleanse. Four weeks later, when the results came back they showed viruses and bacteria in his body. They showed other things, too. But the major cause/root of Ken’s problems were shown to be hook worms. Because of the things we had done, by the time the results came he was already well on his way to recovery.

So what kinds of things did we see as a results of worming? I had struggled with gingivitis for 20 years. Seventeen years before I had quite going to the dentist. They were always wanting to cut up my gums and do chemical curettages. I did not see them helping me at all, and I did not feel good about the treatments. Instead, I tried spiritual things, and I did a multitude of natural things. For the most part I had been able to keep the gingivitis from rapidly advancing, but I felt I was slowly loosing the battle. After we did the parasite cleanse I noticed that I no longer seemed to have the gingivitis I had struggled with for so long. So I made an appointment with a non-toxic dentist.

Two months later when we met he told me that I definitely did not have gingivitis. Though I had not seen a dentist in 17 years and had birthed 7 children during that time, he said I had no cavities. In addition, he could not find any plaque to remove from my teeth. My teeth had not been cleaned in 17 years!! Yet he found my teeth entirely plaque free! The other think I noticed was hormonal. I had been diagnosed with Endometriosis and told I was infertile. I know, you are thinking, how could this lady have 7 children and be infertile? Well, we initially went the medical route, gave up on it, and then began doing things naturally. It seems the cleaner my environment, the more fertile I became. Anyway, once when we did the parasite cleanse, toward the end when you do the higher doses of herbs I suddenly had strong cramping in my uterus. This cramping/pain lasted for 3 days and left as suddenly as it came. From that time on my cycles were different. Hulda Clarke says endometriosis is caused by the human intestinal fluke living in the endometrium of the uterus. She also says this is the parasite that is always found in someone who has cancer. I wanted to do the worming, just on the outside chance that she might be right.

With the children, we noticed that the little boys quit wetting at night and we noticed that they did not seem to get sick very often. Before this it seems like we caught everything. Once one child caught it, the entire family was sick. It because so bad I dreaded going anywhere. Now, we could go out, be exposed to sickness and remain illness free. With Ken, his small intestines, which must have been full of the parasites, became raw and hurt terribly as the worms were loosed from the lining wall. We gave him Aloe Vera juice all day long to help his intestinal wall heal. It took about 2 days before he was no longer in pain. But that was definitely a turning point for him.

Hulda Clark in her books says that she thinks appendicitis is most likely linked to the pin worm. I have done some checking and there seems to be quite a bit of evidence to confirm this. She says that the human intestinal fluke living in the endometrium causes endometriosis and I can attest to the fact that that is likely true, at least in my case. And the pain in the pit of my husband’s stomach which the medical system could not diagnose appears to have been caused by hook worms. Mrs. Clark links asthma and allergies to the giant round worm which you can get from your pets. And she links cancer and other problems to the human intestinal fluke. Diabetes she says is caused by the pancreatic fluke.

Now I do not know if what she says is always the case. But I know that it at least sometimes is the case. We are just ordinary people and yet we had parasites debilitating our bodies. If you are interested I have laid out for you Hulda Clarks recommendations for using herbs to cleanse your body of those harmful parasites.

I have also had occasion to see people have live blood analysis, and I myself use to work as a medical technologist. From my experiences Hulda Clark is correct about parasites being at the root of the cause for much of the sickness and disease in our country.