If you are currently searching for natural answers to a serious illness like cancer I encourage you to purchase the book Healing Crisis by Dr. Bruce Fife. You will need to understand the steps you may go through as you heal.  It will encourage you and give you much understanding.  It is easy to read, not lengthy, and full of good information to get you started.

Most if not all sickness and disease comes from two root causes:

  1. Toxins continually entering the body

    a. Every cell in our body uses energy from our food along with oxygen to “live” and do their job. Products of metabolism are toxic to our bodies. The liver and the kidneys are the major organs of purification. If these organs become overloaded or weakened, there will be more toxins coming in than leaving.

    b. As pathogens increase in our body, they add to the metabolic waste products. This increases the load on our organs of purification. As we become weaker and more toxic, the amount of pathogenic organisms in our bodies increases.

    c. The water we drink (especially if we live in cities or farming communities) the food we eat (especially if we eat prepared foods, prepackaged foods, and processed foods) the lotions, deodorants, make-up, toothpaste, hair color and permanent solutions, etc. we expose ourselves to all need to be detoxified by the liver and eliminated by the kidneys or dumped into the large intestine. Without protective agents these chemicals are very destructive to the body.

    d. Processed and refined sugars, poor digestion, and a lack of normal flora mixed with the mucosal lining of the large intestine create a layer or tube kind of like a rubber tire along the lining of the large intestine. This makes a wonderful place for pathogens to thrive and toxins to pool. Toxins can no longer be purged out through the large intestine. The toxins your body tries to dump just get reabsorbed.

  2. Nutrients eaten rarely meet the requirements of the body

    a. They estimate our food supply today gives us 85% less nutrients that the same foods supplied in the early 1900’s. The soils of today are terribly depleted in trace minerals and healthy microorganisms.

    b. Most people do not eat nutrient dense food. There are lots of refined, processed foods consumed today. There are no “superfoods”, no raw animal products. Foods that deplete our bodies of needed nutrients are consumed rather than foods that build us up and nourish.

Most people live under the above scenario for decades until they suddenly drop dead from a heart attack, are diagnosed with cancer, suffer a stroke, can no longer move without painful arthritis, or are rushed to the hospital with appendicitis, are told they have Crohn’s disease, lupus, etc.

How the Body Struggles and What Happens

  1. Toxins build up in the body. These interfere with normal chemical processes in the body.
  2. Important minerals and vitamins needed by the body are not there to protect or repair cells. They are not there to help with normal processes. The body does not run efficiently.
  3. Meats, most grains, and all processed foods have an acidic reaction in the body. All bodies with serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease are acidic.
  4. The acidic environment creates a low oxygen environment in the cells. Pathogens like the low oxygen environment. So do cancer cells. The immune system functions well in a more alkaline environment. It functions poorly in an acidic environment. Pathogens flourish in a body that is acidic and has lower oxygen in the cells. Pathogens struggle if we become alkaline and increase the oxygen at the cellular level.
  5. The high amount of toxins and pathogens and the low amount of nutrient intake causes the thyroid gland to become under active. Approximately 80% of people in the US have under active thyroids. The thyroid gland is the “master gland” of the body.
  6. A less active thyroid means all the other organs and glands are less active. Less digestive enzymes are created by the digestive glands. The diet has also caused friendly bacteria to die off. So there is no help in digestion and fewer nutrients are being absorbed into the body. The immune system functions at half speed. The metabolism of cells is slowed. A person is tired all the time, is bothered by the cold, their hair thins, etc.
  7. The lining of the large intestine becomes coated with old fecal material, undigested food, and mucus. This creates an environment that pathogens love and does not allow toxins to be purged from the body.
  8. Finally, the body does not have the raw materials it needs yet has more waste products and toxins than it can manage. The body is now working at half speed and on a down hill spiral until it runs into something it cannot handle. It is not until people reach this point that they realize something is wrong.

The top 3 leading causes of death in America

#1 Leading Cause of Death: Heart Disease

  • Always have high toxins
  • Always have pathogens, especially in the “gut” and they have a seriously “leaky gut”
  • Lack healthy normal flora
  • Pour nutrient uptake (digestion) Very low in vitamins and minerals, especially the anti oxidant vitamins.
  • Always have low oxygen to the tissues
  • Always have acidic pH of body
  • Seriously lack antioxidants, especially fat soluable antioxidants

Heart disease has been the leading cause of death since the early 1950’s.  In 1911 this way of dying was totally unknown.  In 1926 it was written about as a new phenomenon.  From 1926-1939 the cause of deaths per million in England went from 47 per million to 476 per million.  By 1950 it was the leading cause of death.

This correlates with the take over of the fats and oils market by unsaturated fats (predominately soybean oil) which replaced traditional saturated fats in the diet, pasteurized milk and the increase in processed foods.  Vitamin E, C and A stores (these are anti oxidants) in the body are greatly decreased when unsaturated fats are used because the unsaturated fats are much less stable and easily form free radicals which are toxic to the body.

These same anti-oxidant vitamins greatly effect the heart and the circulatory system, lowering the oxygen requirements of the cells, increasing circulation, protecting the body from free radicals, and decreasing blood “stickiness.”

#2 Leading Cause of Death: Cancer

  • Always have high toxins
  • Always have under active thyroids
  • Always have pathogens
  • Always lack healthy normal flora in the digestive tract
  • Always have low oxygen to the cells
  • Always have an acidic pH to their bodies
  • Always have low nutrients in the body and no anti-oxidant reserves
  • Always have compromised digestion

I have heard from someone in the pharmaceutical system that their information shows them that 1 out of every 1.5 people will die from cancer by the year 2012. 
Deaths from cancer are on the increase.

#3 Leading cause of death: Diabetes and diabetes-related complications

  • Always have high toxins
  • Always have under active thyroids
  • Always have pathogens (pathogens thrive in the high sugar content in the blood stream)
  • Always lack healthy normal flora in the digestive tract
  • Always have low oxygen to the cells
  • Always have an acidic pH to their bodies
  • Always have low nutrients in the body (especially anti-oxidants)
  • Always have compromised digestion

People with diabetes generally die of heart disease or cancer if the diabetes does not get them first.

Do you see a pattern?

So what is one to do to retrace their steps and recover?

Retracing Your Steps:

  1. Clean up:
    • food (chemical free, preservative free, nutrient dense)
    • air (fumes, smog, smoke, chemicals)
    • water (the cleanest you can get)
    • body ( get rid of toxins and pathogens)
    • cleanse the colon
    • get rid of mercury amalgam fillings, aluminum pots and pans, and other sources of
    heavy metal poisoning
    • do not use commercial lotions, aftershave, deodorants, soaps, hair spray,
    cleansers, etc. (these all get absorbed by the body).
  2. Nourish your body:
    • nutrient dense food (especially fresh or lightly cooked veggies & fruits)
    • alkalinize: Eat at least 80% of your diet in fresh or lightly cooked or sautéed veggies
    and fruits, and kefir. Wild rice, buckwheat, millet, amaranth and quinoa are the only
    grains that are alkaline forming. Eat 20% of foods that are acid forming and high in
    protein. These foods consist of foods like meats, the rest of the grains, eggs, and
    dairy. At first you may not want to have any acid forming foods at all and gradually
    you should be able to add them back in as you recover.
    • green foods
    • pro-biotics
  3. Exercise to:
    • increase oxygen to the cells
    • stimulate circulation to cells
    • stimulate immune system
    • stimulate and increase metabolism

    Exercise is hard to do at first, but do what ever you can and you will gradually be able to do more and more as you recover.


  • Stop allowing the “bad stuff” into your body
    • Eliminate as many toxins and pollutants as you can from entering through your lungs and your skin.
    • Get rid of your mercury amalgam filling and any other toxic dental work you have in your mouth
    • Eliminate toxins and pollutants from your diet.  This means pesticides, herbicides,
  • Clean out the stored toxins in your body

    • After eliminating mercury and other metals from the mouth use Metal-X or other chelating agent to eliminate toxic metals from the tissues
    • by using coconut oil, green foods, Spirulina, chlorella, cilantro, burdock root and other herbs (like the ones above), alpha lipoic acid, alkalinizing, etc these substances increase cellular function and contain phytyonutrients or other substances that bind with toxins in the body and aid in their elimination.
    • Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
    • Cleanse the colon
  • Drink Lots of Water
    • this helps to flush out toxins
    • hydrating is very important for healthy cells and healthy organs
    • An infant is approximately 90% water while the elderly can be less than 50% water
  • Cleanse pathogens
    • Herbs: wormwood, cloves, and black walnut hulls
    • Ionic Copper
    • Coconut Oil
    • Pro-biotics and Pro-biotic foods
    • Cleanse the colon
  • Nourish the body
    • with concentrated, nutrient dense foods that alkalinize (fruits and veggies)
    • green foods
    • coral calcium
    • Mt. Capra Mineral Whey
  • Repopulate the body with normal flora
    • You need many strains of flora including friendly yeasts. It takes friendly yeasts to get rid of Candida, athletes foot and other funguses.
    • Kefir, kombucha and other fermented drinks (usually contains at least 5 strains of friendly lactic acid bacteria and 2 strains of friendly  yeasts)
    • Cultured Veggies such as Sauerkraut (contain friendly yeasts and friendly bacteria)
    • Caucasus Kefir capsules and other probiotic capsuels (Caucasus Kefir capsules contain over 28 strains of friendly bacteria and friendly yeasts. They are made from cultures from the Caucasus mountains, other probiotic capsules on the market many carry one or more organisms.  The best probiotic capsules contain a wide variety of organisms including these genus Lactobacillus, Lactococci, Leuconostoc as well as at least one friendly yeast)
  • Exercise
    • Even if you just start out with simple exercises or just walking a block or so each day. Maybe it means taking the stairs at work rather than the elevator.
    • Also, be out in the sun.
    • Get away from the city whenever you can.
    • Use a rebounder everyday during the winter if you can not get good exercise any other way.