The Roots of Sickness and Disease

There are two basic roots that begin the disease process. Which one comes first no one knows. These two roots seem to work as a team to bring the body down.

They are, simply:

1) Toxins

2) A lack of the essential nutrients needed by the body.


Toxins are continually entering the body. Every cell in our body uses energy from the food we eat along with the oxygen we breathe to “live” and function. The by-products of metabolism from our cells as they use the energy, nutrients and oxygen we take in for them are toxic. Fortunately, our bodies are beautifully designed with a liver and kidneys to take care of these toxins. These are the body’s “major organs of purification.” If these organs become overloaded with more than they can handle or weakened by a lack of nutrients they require, there will be more toxins coming in than leaving.

As we age pathogens increase in our body. As they live inside our bodies their waste products add to our own metabolic waste products and this puts more stress on the kidneys and liver. To complicate things further, pollutants from our environment, preservatives in our food supply, altered foods like partially hydrogenated oils and thickening agents add to the toxins we have to deal with. From here on it becomes a vicious cycle. As we become older, weaker and more toxic, the amount of pathogenic organisms in our bodies increases and as the pathogenic organisms increase in number we become more and more toxic.

Pollutants in our environment come from such things as the water we drink (especially if we live in cities or farming communities) the food we eat (especially if we eat prepared foods, prepackaged foods, and processed foods or foods that contain pesticide or herbicide residues) the lotions, deodorants, make-up, toothpaste, hair color and permanent solutions, etc. Everything we expose ourselves to needs to be detoxified by the liver and eliminated by the kidneys or dumped into the large intestine. Without protective agents (anti-oxidants) these chemicals are very destructive to the body.

Processed and refined sugars, poor digestion, and a lack of normal flora mixed with the mucosal lining of the large intestine create a layer or tube kind of like a rubber tire along the lining of the large intestine. This makes a wonderful place for pathogens to thrive and toxins to pool. Eventually toxins become blocked by the old hard fecal material lining the colon and rather than getting dumped out of the body they become reabsorbed. Retained fecal material in the intestines and pathogens in the digestive tract are at the root of Ulcerative Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, and many digestive disorders, etc. They are also at the root of most other sicknesses. Many doctors, naturopaths, etc who have helped people get well from serious illness through the years have used bowel cleansing as their starting point.


Nutrients eaten rarely meet the requirements of the body.   They estimate our food supply today gives us 85% less nutrients that the same foods supplied in the early 1900’s. The soils of today are terribly depleted in trace minerals and healthy microorganisms. This is because only a few synthetic minerals have been added back to most soils, while year after year there have been crops produced. And in addition, herbicides and pesticides have killed off much of the micro organisms that are vital to a good soil ecosystem. With a lack of good minerals and nutrients the plants need, a pH that is not in optimal range, and no normal flora, most plants are in the same position we here in America are. Just as we need good normal flora in our guts to digest our food properly, plants need good soil flora in order to assimilate and utilize the nutrients they need. They have nutritional requirements just as we do, and they also need the good flora, just like us. Unfortunately, good soil organisms have received very little recognition as being important to crop production, only a few synthetic minerals are even recognized as important to plant health, and this has caused our food supply to be less nutrient rich. As an aside, it is some of these soil based organisms that the plants need that are being sold as soil based organism to people to help repopulate their digestive tracts with normal flora. It seems if we have healthy soil with good organisms in it, then somehow in eating the fruits and veggies from this type of an environment gets these healthy organisms into us, too.

Unfortunately, most people in America do not eat nutrient dense food. Very few people raise any of their own food, and fewer yet can by organic or from friend, neighbors or at farmer’s markets. Most people do have time to prepare meals any more. The result of this is that there are lots of refined, processed foods consumed today. These are quick and convenient. Our life styles today make it hard to eat healthy. Unfortunately, there are no “super-foods”, no raw animal products and very few nutrient dense, foods eaten by most Americans. You find very little really healthy food at restaurants. Processed foods that deplete our bodies of needed nutrients are consumed much more often rather than foods that build the body up and nourish it.

How the Body Struggles and What Happens

Toxins build up in the body. These interfere with normal chemical processes in the body.  Important minerals and vitamins needed by the body are not there to protect, nourish or repair cells. They are not there to help with normal processes. The body does not run efficiently.

Meats, most grains, and all processed foods (including refined oils) have an acidic reaction in the body. These provide necessary nutrients, especially proteins, but they are not meant to make up 90% of our diets. (See Acid/Alkaline Balance in the Body) All bodies with serious illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease have a more acidic body pH. Too much meat and breads and not enough raw or lightly cooked veggies and raw fruits is the main cause. Drugs and antibiotics will also make a person acidic. So will a build up of toxins.

The acidic environment creates a low oxygen environment in the cells. Pathogens (parasites, bacteria, and viruses) love this low oxygen environment. So do cancer cells. The immune system functions well in a more alkaline/higher oxygen environment. This alkaline environment discourages pathogens from living there. A more alkaline body is a much healthier body.

The high amount of toxins and pathogens, low amount of oxygen/low pH and low amount of nutrient intake causes the thyroid gland to become under active. Refined polyunsaturated fats are extremely suppressive to the thyroid gland. Chief of which are soybean oil and other soy products. Approximately 80% of people in the US have under active thyroid glands. Since the thyroid gland is the “master gland” the entire body is greatly effected.

A less active thyroid gland means all the other organs and glands are less active.  For the digestive system this means that less digestive enzymes will be created by the body. Because there are less digestive enzymes, and because a poor diet has caused friendly bacteria to die off, much of the nutrition in the food is no longer being absorbed or assimilated by the body.

An under-active thyroid gland means the immune system is working much slower than it would in a “healthy” person. It means toxins are not handled as quickly and it means that pathogens have an easier life living off of you and destroying you health.

In all, and under-active thyroid gland means all the organs and all body functions are working slower. With everything working at half speed, with poor assimilation of nutrients and a slowed metabolism, a person is tired often, the cold bothers them, their hair thins, they are susceptible to illness. They may struggle with depression, foggy memories, anger, etc as well. These people are prime candidates for more serious illnesses.

Through all this the lining of the large intestine has become coated with old fecal material, undigested food and mucus. This creates an environment that pathogens love and does not allow toxins to be easily purged from the body.

At some point in time, the body does not have the raw materials it needs to win the fight, and it will have more waste products and toxins than it can manage. The body no longer has the means to take in nutrients efficiently. Even if a person were to change their diet, at this point, they do not have the systems in place to digest, absorb and utilize the nutrients in the food they are eating. Just changing the diet is not enough. In addition the organs are only working at half speed and they are on a down hill spiral that can be difficult to stop. It is also at this point that the body runs into something it cannot handle. Unfortunately, it is not until people reach this point that they realize something is wrong and because there body is so far down the hill, just changing diet is not enough. It would have been years before, but they need more now. In desperation they usually end up going to the medical community. And once they are totally debilitated by the doctors and given up on, once they have little hope of survival, they may try alternative, natural things.

#1 Leading Cause of Death: Heart Disease

People with heart disease always have high toxins in their bodies.

People with heart disease always have pathogens.  They have a seriously “leaky gut”. It is my personal opinion that the fecal material and garbage that is in the blood from the “leaky gut” is what causes the lesions which the body uses cholesterol to plug. I believe it is this that is at the root of plaque buildup in the arteries.

People with heart disease always have poor nutrient uptake (digestion). There are very low in vitamins and minerals, especially the anti oxidant vitamins. There has been research which shows a lack of vitamin E and vitamin C are linked to heart disease. People who have lots of these important anti-oxidant vitamins in their diet, are much less likely to have myocardial infarctions. However, because of the leaky gut, nutrient up take is very compromised.

Always have acidic pH of body.

#2 Leading Cause of Death: Cancer

People with cancer always have pathogens.  Hulda Clark shows a definite link between the human intestinal fluke, the growth hormones it secretes, the toxic environment it likes and cancer.

People with cancer always have low oxygen in the cells.   Of course the low oxygen is caused by the lower pH of the body and it creates an environment that pathogens just love. It is this environment that is always present where tumors are found.

People with cancer always have an acidic pH to their bodies.

Patients who have cancer always have low nutrients in the body.  If they had good nutrients from nutritionally dense foods, they would have an alkaline systems and plenty oxygen to their cells.

Patients who have cancer always have compromised digestion. This is due to their under-active thyroid glands, the nutrient poor diet, the pathogens that are taking over, and acidic pH of the body.

What are Toxins?

Toxins are chemical substances that interfere with normal chemical processes in the body.

Look at your lotion bottle, after shave bottle, or deodorant container. All the ingredients that you struggle to pronounce are toxins. The preservatives and ingredients you do not recognize in the food you purchase are toxins. Rubbing alcohol, bleach, cleaners, etc are all toxic. Most unsaturated fats become oxidized either while being produced, while sitting on the shelves, while cooking with them or once they enter your warm body. The oxidized fats are toxic. There are toxins in our water supply, toxins in the air we breathe, toxins in the detergent we wash our clothes in and even many toxins in our homes. There are definitely more toxins in our world today than there have been in times past.

About Trans-fatty acids

Cis-fatty acids are always found in nature. Trans-fatty acids rarely occur naturally and our bodies do not know what to do with them. Most trans fatty acids are made from unsaturated fats becoming oxidized.

All partially hydrogenated vegetable oils contain trans-fatty acids, metal residues and have been definitively linked to cancer, heart disease, and much degenerative disease. These partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are caused to oxidize by heat and a metal catalyst. This is the oil industry’s way of making an oil that will not become rancid, even after many, many years. Someone I talked with recently told me of finding margarine behind his mother-in-law’s dryer. It had been there for 6 years in a warm moist environment. He picked the 6 year old stick of margarine up, unwrapped it and place it on the table. Next he took out a fresh stick of margarine from the refrigerator and after unwrapping it place it beside the first stick. There were absolutely no differences. He asked his mother-in-law if she could see a difference. He has not touched margarine since.

All polyunsaturated fats form trans-fatty acids when they are heated. Many contain trans fats just from being produced. Some trans-fats form when the oils enter the body, just by becoming 98.6 degrees. The more unsaturated the fats are, the more unstable they are, and the more easily they will form trans fats. Unsaturated fats that are used for frying, cooking at high temperatures, popping popcorn, etc, usually contain over 30% trans fatty acids. These trans fats are without question related to cancer and probably heart disease. They are extremely stable, not natural, and toxic to our bodies.

Since the polyunsaturated fats are refined they lack the naturally occurring Vitamin E that once accompanied the oil when it was in the seed. Fortunately, natural oils that are unrefined still retain this important anti-oxidant. When vitamin E is stripped from an oil, not only does the oil lack it’s protective properties which help it keep from being oxidized (going rancid), but  the body must now protect itself from free radicals which form as the unsaturated fat circulates in the body. Our bodies do this by using its our own Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin A stored in the liver or in the cell tissues. These are strong anti-oxidant vitamins which help protect the body. Unfortunately, they get used up neutralizing the free radicals formed by the oxidation of the polyunsaturated oils. A very important result of these vitamins becoming depleted in the body is heart attacks, stroke, cancer, etc. There are several MD’s who fault the polyunsaturated fats with all of our current top killers. When these anti oxidants are not in the diet and the reserves are used up at alarming rates because of the unsaturated fats we consume and other toxins that enter our bodies, there are a very negative effects on health. There can be a perfect correlation shown between heart disease, cancer, and consumption of poly unsaturated fats in this country.

What are Nutrients?

Nutrients are substances required by the body. They can be used to protect the cells, build cells, as energy, or to help in the functioning of the cells and tissues of the body.


Live Foods vs. Dead Foods

Live foods still have their enzymes, while dead foods do not. Live foods are more healthy, digest much easier, are life giving and are of more benefit to the body that dead foods. It is fine to cook some of our food, but to cook all of our food or even a majority of it robs our bodies of nutrients we need.

Man-made vs. God-made

Man-made nutrients are isolated substances that man has identified and either made/synthesized in a laboratory or found a way to isolate from a natural source. Either way these nutrients are isolated or separated out as pure substances before becoming part of a supplement.

God made nutrients are found in nature along with many other complementary nutrients. These nutrients as they are digested actually help one another be assimilated and used by the body. Much of the complexities of nutrient digestion and assimilation are still not known. Though they have learned much through the years, there is likely much more that is not know than is known. Fortunately, in a God made food the nutrition is complete and complementary. Unfortunately, in man-made supplements the nutrition is only as complete as the company/laboratory’s knowledge in charge of the formulating and extracting.

Nutrient Dense vs. Nutrient Poor

Nutrient dense foods are foods loaded with lots of nutrition. For the calories ingested you get your money’s worth. Nutrient poor foods will give you calories with nothing to show for it. Most of these foods actually have to rob nutrients from your body that are in storage in order to even be digested. Refined sugar and white flour are two examples of nutrient poor food.

Foods grown on rich, organism loaded, organic soil or pristine soils where agriculture has not ever been before are more nutrient dense than grocery store produce.

Acid vs. Alkaline

Alkaline forming foods are foods that help the body become more alkaline. These foods contain predominately the minerals potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium.  Alkaline forming foods are the fruits and veggies, kefir, and a few grains like millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and wild rice. Coconuts are alkaline forming.

Acid forming foods help the body to become more acidic. These foods contain predominately phosphorous, chlorine, and sulfur. Acid forming foods are the grains, seeds, legumes, meats and dairy products except for kefir.

Fruits and veggies should not be canned. The more processed they are the more acidic they become. The healthy alkaline forming minerals will leach into the water as you cook your food. This is why light cooking such as stir frying and, sautéing are fine, but canning and prolonged heating is not recommended.

Yes, oranges, limes and lemons are alkaline forming. Though they contain citric acid, the minerals in these fruits are alkaline forming minerals and they will actually have an alkalinizing effect on the body. However canned and frozen fruit juices are acid forming. Only fresh squeezed juice will help you to become alkaline.

One additional thing that can help you to become alkaline is taking minerals. Coral Calcium can help a person to become alkaline, and so will ionic and other types of minerals. Some people believe Calcium citrate and magnesium citrate are preferable to the calcium carbonate etc found in coral calcium. Others believe you should only take ionic minerals. Ionic minerals are minerals not in the salt forms such as carbonate and citrate, but rather as ions in water. They talk about the ions being measured by the angstrom. My personal experience is that products that are man made can be dangerous. Since Calcium citrate, Magnesium citrate and the ionic minerals are all man made products

Probiotic “Super Foods”

These foods are actually predigested, loaded with increased minerals and vitamins that are easily digested and assimilated. These cultured foods contain friendly bacteria that will take up residence in your digestive tract and protect you from sickness and disease. If you have healthy normal flora, you will not be a friendly host to pathogens.

Probiotic foods actually give you all the enzymes you need to digest them plus they also give you enough enzymes for other components of your meal while giving you more nutrients than you would have received from the non-fermented food. They also help you re-establish a normal “eco-system” inside that is health and pathogen free.

Retracing Your Steps:

1.  Clean up:

  • food (chemical free, preservative free, nutrient dense)
  • air (fumes, smog, smoke, chemicals)
  • water (the cleanest you can get)
  • body ( get rid of toxins and pathogens), cleanse the colon
  • get rid of mercury amalgam filling, aluminum pots and pans, and other sources of heavy metal poisoningGreen foods and things like Spirulina, Chlorella, the sea vegetables and most green things that contain chlorophyll will help the body to eliminate toxins. Cilantro is noted for its ability to bind with mercury in the body, and it is reported to work well with Chlorella are removing mercury and other heavy metals. So while you are working at getting into your body the cleanest water and chemical free food you can, you also need to work at helping the body to rid itself of the stored toxins is now has that have built up over the years. They are a root cause to what is going on not in the body. They debilitate the body, they promote pathogens living there and they are harmful to all the organ systems, the immune system, friendly bacteria and your life.

2.  Nourish your body:

  • nutrient dense food (especially fresh or lightly cooked veggies & fruits)
  • alkalinize
  • green foods
  • pro-bioticsThe more serious the illness the more readily available and easier to digest the nutrients need to be. For example, someone with a very advanced cancer may need to do 12 glasses minimum of fresh squeeze juices. Freshly made juices are very vitamin and mineral rich and they are extremely easy to digest and assimilate. When a person is terminally ill they need the most nutrient dense food they can get in a package that takes as little work as possible to digest and assimilate.

3.  Exercise to:

  • increase oxygen to the cells
  • stimulate circulation to cells
  • stimulate immune system
  • stimulate and increase in metabolismSkin Brushing also increases circulation and gets the lymphatic system moving.Jump on a rebounder, do skin brushing every time you bathe, go for walks in the country or somewhere there is clean air if you can. Run when you feel like it. Ride your bike, and get as much exercise as you can out side like mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, or playing with your children. Enjoy the sun, too. The sun is energizing and invigorating.

How Do These Products Fit In?

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil cleanses the colon, gently softens old fecal material, loosens it and helps it to leave the body.

Coconut oil helps to alkalinize the body

Coconut oil in the diet purges parasites, removes the protective coating off of pathogenic organisms so the body easily eliminates them. These organisms include Candida, the HIV/AIDS virus, and the pathogens that cause things like Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue and fibro myalgia. Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue and fibro myalgia.  Along with the removal of parasites, the body seems to see the elimination of toxins as well. Some would argue that as the parasites, bacteria, and viruses leave the body all the toxins that they have been dumping into your system are eliminated as well and that is why you see a decrease in toxins from the body. Others would say that without question the coconut oil dissolves toxins out of the fat storage units and the toxins in storage are gradually diminished. Both parties are probably right.

The body easily digests this oil. Even a weakened, compromised body can digest it. It does not require any enzymes or carriers to be transported by the body or to cross the cell membrane. Once in the cell it is used for energy.

Because of its anti-pathogenic activity, because it is used as readily available energy, and because it dissolves toxins out of fat stores, coconut oil is a cleanser that increases the activity of the thyroid gland and aids the immune system. The weak, the very old and the very young thrive on formulas based on coconut oil.

Many body builders, personal trainers, Olympic athletes, and others use it for building lean body mass. Others use it to get well from sicknesses the medical system has no answers for. Still others use it because it is one the only fats that will not oxidize upon heating. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use, and it is the safest oil to use in cooking.

The freeze-dried coconut flakes and powder are 60% oil. They have nothing added, not even preservatives, and they retain all the flavor of the fresh coconut. Because the water is removed at –30 to -50 degrees F, the flavor is sweeter and nicer that even a fresh coconut. Most people have a hard time believing there is nothing added.

On the skin, coconut oil protects from the sun, from sun burn, from drying, chapping, and pathogenic bacteria. Even fair On the skin, coconut oil protects from the sun, from sun burn, from drying, chapping, and pathogenic bacteria. Even people with fair complexions seem to have some degree of protection from sunburn when they use coconut oil. On the skin, coconut oil protects from the sun, from sun burn, from drying, chapping, and pathogenic bacteria.

Palm Oil

Palm oil has longer chained fats than coconut oil. It does not have coconut’s anti pathogenic abilities, nor is it as easily digested and used for energy by the body. The main fatty acid chain in the palm oil is Palm Oleic acid, an 18 carbon chain that is a mono-unsaturate.

The beauty of the palm oil is not found in the fatty acid chains but rather in its vast supply of anti oxidants. It is loaded with the vitamin A precursors beta, gamma, delta, zeta, and alpha carotene. These are also called carotenoids. Palm oil is also loaded with all the tocopherols. Alpha tocopherol is the one most talked about, but there are all kinds of natural sub groups of this vitamin E. There These too are powerful anti oxidants. And even more important anti oxidants that are related to Vitamin E are tocotrienols. Palm oil is the highest natural source of tocotrienols. This is why the oil is a dark orange. As a liquid it is almost red. Our natural palm oil is the highest Unfortunately, these vitamins are not very prevalent in most diets in America. Other natural sources for carotenes are carrots and the other “yellow” vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash. Natural Vitamin E is also found in the wheat germ and wheat germ oil. Natural Vitamin A is found in fish oil and cod liver oil. These vitamins are also found in dark green vegetables, just not in concentrated amounts.

If you want a game plan or strategy where oils are concerned, Coconut oil would be your offense. It cleanses toxins, pathogens and gives your body strength to tackle whatever task lays ahead. Palm oil, on the other hand would be your defense. The anti-oxidants in the palm oil protect the body from all the preservatives in your food, the chlorine in your water, the gas fumes you receive as you pump gas into your car, and all the other things your body has to deal with. Both oils have their strengths, but they are both different. You really cannot substitute one for the other and you need them both. They do blend well and we often use a blend of these two oils in cooking.

Green Food Feast

Since our environment is so depleted of vitamins, organisms and minerals, getting food that is loaded with the nutrients we need is important. Our Green Food Feast has certified organic veggies, many very nutritious herbs, wild fruits that are loaded with natural Vitamin C and lots of sea veggies which contain an abundance of trace minerals from the sea. Because these all come from areas where the soil is not depleted, and since they are only dried and not cooked or processed, they are balanced, nutrient dense, completely assimilated and very alkalinizing. Because Green Food Feast is in a powdered form, it readily digests with little work required by the body.

Wild Rice

All rice, corn, wheat, soy, etc in this country are hybrids. This is the real wild rice that grows naturally in the wild where we live. Wild Rice has a lower glycemic index, is higher in fiber, and is one of the only alkalinizing grains. It contains no phytic acid, and can not be cultivated.

Kefir and Vegetable Cultures

These packets help you to create cultured foods that are actually “super foods”. All people from all parts of the world greatly benefit from them. There are lots of studies correlating longevity with cultured foods. At Chernobyl, it was required that each person drink 1 quart of kefir per day to protect them from the effects of radiation. At the University of Nebraska a professor did lots of research on cultured foods and health, and there are books and literature all over on this, yet it has become a lost art. Those that choose to bring this back always see major improvements in their health. Complete health restoration is not possible without friendly of bacteria thriving in the body. Kefir is helpful to everyone. Even to those with lactose intolerance, or problems with mucus forming proteins greatly benefit from kefir. The bacterial cultures in kefir are strong vibrant microbes which use up all the lactose and actually predigest the proteins making kefir very easy to digest and assimilate. Most people who can not tolerate milk or milk products are surprised to find they do well with kefir.

For people who do not have the time to make their own cultured foods, we have Caucasus Kefir Capsules. These capsules are made from kefir grown on goats milk from the Caucausus Mountains in Russia. This kefir is loaded with a multitude of organisms, and makes it simple and convenient for people to reculture their digestive tracts in today’s world.

Bath and Body Products

Most bath and body products are made from petroleum and synthesized chemicals. We have created several products that are pure, natural and simple.  All the ingredients are food grade and edible.  


  • Stop allowing the “bad stuff” into your body
    Eliminate as many toxins and pollutants you can from entering through your diet, your lungs and your skin.
  • Clean out the stored toxins in your body
    by using coconut oil, green foods, Spirulina, chlorella, cilantro, burdock root and other herbs, alpha lipoic acid, alkalinizing, etc. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.  Cleanse the colon
  • Cleanse pathogens
    Herbs: wormwood, cloves, and black walnut hulls
    Ionic Copper
    Coconut Oil
    Pro-biotics and Pro-biotic foods
    Caucasus Kefir Capsules
    Cleanse the colon
  • Nourish the body with concentrated, nutrient dense foods that alkalinize
    fruits and veggies
    green foods
    coral calcium
  • Repopulate the body with normal flora
    Cultured Veggies
    Caucasus Kefir Capsules
  • Exercise