Angelica Root

This plant was used during the great plague in Europe. Angelica and a few other herbs were made into a tea and drunk twice a day. Formerly Angelica was used for typhoid.

Today it is mainly valued for its stimulating effects on the digestive tract. Angelica is used for digestive, heartburn, gas and bronchial problems. It is good for flu, colds, and fevers. It should be taken hot to beak up a cold quickly.

Angelica is also invigorating and strengthening to the body and can be used as a tonic to improve vitality and mental well being.

Angelica has been used to clean wounds and aid in healing , and for treating hypertension of the heart, as well.

Take 2-3 tablespoons bruised or crushed root/quart of water gently boil for 1-3 hours
In general 1-3 cupfuls should be taken everyday. Angelica has a strong tangy odor. The taste is sweetish to tangy.

Caution: This herb should not be taken in large amounts during pregnancy, as it is an emmenagogue that causes uterine contraction, and it also should not be take when you are having excessive menstrual bleeding.

Bodily Influence:

Anti-spasmodic: This herb prevents and relieves spasms

Aromatic: (has a pleasant, fragrant scent and a pungent taste)

Bitter: (a bitter, often aromatic, plant used as a mild tonic)

Carminative: (helps to prevent gas from forming in the intestines, and also assists in expelling it)

Cholagague: This herb stimulates bile flow from the gall bladder and bile ducts into the duodenum

Diuretic: (promotes the production and secretion of urine)

Diaphoretic: This herb causes perspiration and increases elimination through the skin

Emmenagogue: (brings on menstruation)

Expectorant: (promotes the thinning and ejection of mucus from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea)

Stimulant: (increases the activity or efficiency of a system or organ, acts more rapidly than a tonic) Angelica especially stimulates the flow of gastric juices.

Stomachic: (gives strength and tone to the stomach, stimulates digestion, and improves the appetite) Tonic (helps to restore and strengthen the entire system)