Home Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Home treatment for hemorrhoids refers to the remedies which are implemented at home with the help of the available ingredients to alleviate the pain and reduce the discomfort to bring about immediate relief. Due to the widespread occurrence of hemorrhoids all over the world, a number of home remedies have evolved over a period of time in order to assuage the problem when it is still in its initial stages.

This is due to the fact that the pain, the discharge and the smell which accompanies the hemorrhoids is best curtailed during the nascent stage but is capable of aggravating if ignored and left untreated for certain duration.

The significance of the home treatment for hemorrhoids lies in the fact that not only do they reduce the physical suffering but also bring about a reduction in the emotional trauma suffered by the individual. Hemorrhoids manifest themselves in form of itching, burning, pain and soreness and the knowledge of the appropriate home remedy in such a situation is like a blessing in disguise for the affected individual.

If, however, the hemorrhoids start bleeding, then it is time to move beyond the home remedies and seek consultation from a doctor since it is an indication of the problem becoming worse.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is a proverb which emphasizes the importance of diet, particularly fruits, in our lives because our internal health is solely dependent on the type of food which we consume. Based on the fact that good health emerges from within, the foremost remedy for home treatment of hemorrhoids is concerning the dietary intake of the individual.

Since hemorrhoids are a result of the strain on the blood vessels of the rectum, modifying one’s dietary lifestyle to include more fiber is one of the first remedies since it would cause the food to pass easily through the colon.

In this regard, while bran and bran cereal are rich in fiber, their inclusion in the diet should be gradual owing to the fact that they have a tendency to cause stomach upset. Home treatment of hemorrhoids also recommends intake of other fiber rich foods are papaya, bananas, pomegranate and red and black currants as they contain minerals and rutin both of which are capable of quickly relieving the pain and irritation.

Home treatment for hemorrhoids is also conducted by taking warm sitz baths at least twice or thrice a day for the next two to three weeks or by rubbing ice packs on the affected spot to cause the hemorrhoid to shrink and reduce the swelling.