Ringing Ears Causes

Tinnitus can be described as low frequency sound which is heard inside the ears. This noise is often a humming, rumbling or droning sound. Many individuals who are affected will at first believe that this noise is actually originating from outside, but the noise is in fact originating from within the ears.

Besides the low frequency sounds, many people hear musical melodies in their heads. A few, including the author, actually hear a beating noise which has a rhythm similar to their heart beats. This type of tinnitus is normally brought on either by certain health conditions or because of high blood pressure.

The causes of tinnitus are often varied, but when you understand that these causes are related to several conditions it will be easier to find the best treatment for your symptoms. In the following paragraphs, we will look at different forms of tinnitus and how the causes connect with each other.

Neuro-psychological causes

Generally this happens if tinnitus is triggered by certain unconscious links within the auditory nerve, which are induced by some form of imbalance in the body and chosen lifestyle. Normally, this is because of a combination of issues like stress, fatigue, hypertension and poor diet plan. Treatment will involve sound and counseling therapy to assist in retraining the subconscious and produce a different reading inside the auditory nerve.

Physical causes

When tinnitus develops as a result of interferences and/or injury to the internal and middle ear, then this would be regarded as a physical cause. This could vary from too much ear wax, injured ear drums and internal ear effusions, but in essence its whenever outside noise is obstructed and inner noise gets louder. The treatment for this is generally not too invasive and could provide relief within a short time.

Bilateral causes

This happens when there is a ringing sound in both ears and this is generally because of physical causes like exposure to noise which injures the ear drums and might also harm hearing cells. When this is combined with everyday stress it would result in mild tinnitus symptoms. This can be treated by simply taking some time from work and also by using herbal or natural, holistic treatments.

Pulsatile causes

Basically, this happens whenever there is abnormal blood circulation within the vessels in the neck and head, which can be triggered by many things. Once again, inner ear infections are one of the common causes since blood flows close to the ear drum. Intracranial Vascular lesions, BIH and ASVD (Atherosclerosis) tend to be a combination of neuro and physical causes which should be cared for by professionals. You might have more success in terms of relief if you have ASVD because treatment is often as easy as modifying your eating habits and lowering cholesterol levels.

Unilateral causes

This will transpire whenever ringing is happening in a single ear which is generally more serious and connected to physical, pulsatile and neuro-psychological causes. In general this is caused when there is a buildup of ear wax which is then followed by infections in the inner ear. Besides that, certain drugs could also trigger unilateral discomforts and this will be even more widespread if caffeine and stress are combined with the medications.