Why are such a lot of folks making their own lotions?

There are two main reasons why somebody would opt to make lotion, in contrast to buying a lotion from a beauty counter.

The 1st reason is just the price. Folks increasingly feel that the cost of beauty lotions is starting to become outrageously high. Of course people still desire the benefits of using a top quality lotion on their skin; its just that the price has gotten to be too much for many of us. For the cost of one top end beauty lotion, you might buy yourself enough lotion ingredients to make bottles and bottles of your own. It is because of this, especially in the current economic climate that we find that we are in, that more folk are looking at making their own lotions.

The second reason that many folk choose to make their own lotions is that there are just so many chemical ingredients in over the counter lotions. There is a rocketing concern that all the chemicals being employed to make shop bought lotions may be having a detrimental affect on our health. When you make a lotion from scratch, you know exactly whats going into it because it was yourself that added each ingredient! This is increasingly useful for those with allergies or with skin conditions.

It is often not the active components in shop acquired lotions that cause the issues so much as the chemicals used to perfume these chemicals. For those with sensitive skin, the chemicals used to fragrance these lotions could cause serious irritation.

Just ask any eczema sufferer how hard it can be to discover a lotion that wont cause damage to their skin, and they are going to confirm that many of the primary brand lotions out there can cause more harm than help to their skin. Although not just eczema, but psoriasis and a whole range of other dermal irritations and conditions can be negatively affected by the chemicals used to make these shop bought chemicals smell nice. This is unfortunate because the advantages of moisturizing lotion are precisely what these conditions need. This fact has opened up the market for homemade lotions. There has not been sufficient info on the serious health implications that there might be from using all the chemicals from shop purchased lotions on your skin, but there is rocketing fear that these chemicals can be causing harm. So it is typically out of concern for personal health that so many folks are looking to make their own lotions as a substitute for purchasing lotions over the counter.