Yellowdock Root

Yellow Dock is an excellent blood cleanser and tonic. It attains its tonic properties through the astringent purification of the blood supply to the various glands. Yellow Dock purifies the blood by increasing the ability of the liver and related organs to strain and purify the blood and lymph systems. This herb is sometimes used in arsenic poisoning. It will tighten varicose veins and strengthens and tones the entire system.

Yellow Dock root has one of the highest contents in nature of iron. It is safe and effective to use during pregnancy or for any anemia. It will help prevent infant jaundice. This herb also balances body chemistry because of its high mineral content. It nourishes the immune system, the different glands of the body and is a great endurance builder.

Yellow Dock also aids in the digestion of fats and oils and can facilitate weight loss when the problem is due to sluggish elimination.

It can be used to treat skin diseases and liver disorders. Yellow Dock is a laxative because it stimulates the flow of bile. For skin problems, even tough to get rid of acne, teenagers will find this herb as a tea very beneficial.

Yellow Dock is an valuable ingredient for salve making. It can be applied to bleeding hemorrhoids and bleeding wounds, itchy skin disorders and swellings.

Yellow Dock is high in tannin content and should be taken only every other week. As a capsule 1/day. As a decoction, 1 tsp. in a cup of water, 1-2 cups/day.

Bodily Influence:
Alterative: This herb cleanses, stimulates, and aids in the efficient removal of waste products

Anti-scorbutic: This herb prevents and relieves scurvy (which is caused by not getting enough Vitamin C)

Anti-syphilitic: This herb cures and relieves venereal diseases.

Astringent: This herb has a constricting or binding effect, for example: one that checks hemorrhages or secretions by coagulation of proteins on a soft surface

Bitter: This herb stimulates secretion of digestion and encourages appetite

Cathartic: This herb is a strong laxative which causes rapid evacuation

Cholagogue: This herb stimulates bile flow from the gall bladder and bile ducts into the duodenum

Depuritive: This herb cleans or purifies blood by promoting eliminative functions.

Hepatic: This herb supports and stimulates the liver, gall bladder, and spleen, and increase the flow of bile

Laxative: This herb stimulates bowel movements

Nutritive (leaves): This herb helps with the process of assimilating food and has the property of nourishing

Tonic: This herb restores, nourishes, and supports the entire body; it exerts a gently strengthening effect on the body